- A change is arriving...

A change is arriving... Visit

The oldest and the power users from Fishland have been chosen to test the new version of Fishland.

The new version includes:

  • Better features;

  • New design;

  • User-friendly;

  • New Fishes to create;

  • More interaction with friends;

  • Quicker platform.

During this month you, as a Fishland power user, are going to try this new version, know the new platform and give us your feedback about everything!

Fishland sees you as a great user of this website, so it's in your hand to fulfil this mission. To test the beta Fishland version, you need to do the following stages like a new user: Sign in, Create Fishes, play and buy new items!

[Warning! All data created in this version will be deleted when the finished version is out. But do not be worried because your actual account will be transferred for the new Fishland.]

While you are testing this Beta version, pay attention to the features, errors and everything that you think that could be better. You can us a feedback.


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