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PacMan is a very popular arcade game if not the one that “started it all”. Created by Tohru Iwatani for Namco, it was released in Japan in 1979 and became an instant hit. A few of us know that the hero was first named “PuckMan” evidently due to his shape. However, before its release in the United States, the title was changed to “PacMan” because PuckMan was an easy target for vandals to convert into a vulgarity. Nowadays, the game spread everywhere on the Web, and it can be easily found in many portals. Meet “Blinky”, “Pinky”, “Inkey” (original name “Inky”) and “Clyde”! Have fun! Play now ! Two new versions! ( ), an online platform of games is a true success. Here you can find thousands of free games, some of the classics, such as Packman, Sonic or Super Mario, but also action games, strategy and luck games, casino games, puzzles and even celebrities games! Now, there were launch two new versions of the site in Russian and Polish.The Russian and polish fans of games can now have hours of fun in the sites: Zagrajwgre : Playagame :

Simpsons Game: Wrecking Ball

If you visit the Simpsons movie website, you will find Wrecking ball, an amazingly stupid but fun little game, great for a 2 minute diversion during the day. “Help Homer save his family from police quarantine by using the first thing at hand – a wrecking ball. Use control keys to adjust the height of the crane and drive it back and forth. The aim of the game is to send the armored car soaring and make sure the family gets out!” In the site ( ) you can also find other Simpsons Games ! Enjoy the animations, and… Have fun!

Mega Man The Character

Rock was the brainchild of doctors Thomas Light and Albert W. Wily, built after their first creation, Proto Man, went AWOL during its A.I. testing. Rock was built with a sister robot, Roll, and was designed to be a lab assistant who would work with the two scientists and help them with their day-to-day tasks in the lab. Light and Wily put a lot into their new creation, building it with the most advanced A.I. that they could come up with at the time (advanced in that it was very human-like, although they wanted it to behave like a child), but they were careful to adhere to Isaac Asimov's laws of robotics (especially that a robot will never harm a human being). Things went well with the new project until, two years later, Dr. Wily reprogrammed all of the industrial robots in the lab and took all of the other robots that he could get his hands on and fled to wreak havoc on the world. He did, however, fail to get past the encryption in Rock and Roll's brains, but Wily didn't