Harpoon Lagoon

Harpoon Lagoon is an arcade game created for Fingertime by the UK based advergaming and content developer Playerthree. The game was released in early 2006 and is strongly inspired from the famous Gold Miner.

Harpoon Lagoon is all about fishing and grabbing treasures. Help Mad Mack, a “manimal” to catch as many valuable fish and items as possible in rounds of 60 seconds each. Use the left and right arrow keys to aim your harpoon and press the spacebar to spear “something” valuable.

Unlike in Gold Miner, you can also move Mad Mack’s boat by using the ‘Z’ and ‘X’ keys, which is not really a very useful addition (IMHO).

As cash targets are reached, you can improve your chances by spending in the lagoon store. A lot of stuff is available there, and you’ll need to buy a lot of upgrades if you want to have a chance to reach higher levels.

Harpoon Lagoon requires skill and patience. With its nice graphics and its immersive soundtrack, this game is a good choice for all those who enjoy playing Gold Miner.

Play the version o this game (The Fisher) at Startnewgame.com!


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